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About Us

We intend to introduce ourselves as a team most motivated toward excellence in Pest Control & House-keeping Services. Our endeavor is to bring about an environment to extract best abilities within our staff so as to cater optimum quality services to our clients. Key people in our organization have more than 20 years experience in this field. Our operators are at least matriculates and are trained in recognized institutes, also at our own company.

Our services are available 24 hrs a day & 365 days of the year. In case of General disinfestation / Rodent control if the services are found to be unsatisfactory then a refund can be made for the remaining services. We also do the Herbal’s treatment for cockroaches, which is very effective and odorless with no mess and can be done with people around in the premises.

In case of unsatisfactory services in General disinfestation / Rodent control a complaint services will be offered with no extra cost.

Although we give services in controlling all kinds of domestic pest, we specialize in termite control services. Termites are ver destructive, in nature and cause disastrous effects they can harm goods in godown, valuable furniture and belongings in offices and residence etc.

We offer preventive treatment for termite control for commercial, residential premises, so call

Knock Down Pest Control before going in for any interior, exterior pre or post construction jobs in residential or commercial premises.


  1. We also manufacture fly-killers and are wholesale dealers of rat - repelling gadgets.
  2. We also provide Housekeeping Services.
  3. Anti-Termite Pre-Construction treatments offering with Service Guarantee of 10 years.

Technical Specifications

Stage – 1 : Treatment to wall and floor Junction
Holes of 12mm diameter 20-30cms apart will be drilled along the inner junction of wall and floor in the entire ground and first floor premises. Chemical emulsion will be injected under pressure into these holes, to create a barrier against termites.

Stage – 2 : Treatment to wooden fixtures
Holes of 12mm diameter will be drilled at the base of wooden-members such as window frames, doorframes inset in the flooring, and chemicals emulsion will be injected. This treatment will be done on all floors (except basement / terrace). An oil-based chemical will be sprayed on all the woodwork infested by termites within the premises.

Stage – 3 : Treatment to termite tubes.
Visible shelter mud tubes will removed and the infested area treated with our chemical emulsion.

Stage – 4 : Treatment along the external perimeter of the building.
Trenching or drilling holes along the external walls of the building (similar to stage 1 specification) will be carried out to create a chemical barrier around the building. All the drilled holes will be sealed and made good using cement. If the building is on stills, holes shall be drilled only along the columns sides at ground level.

The chemicals are the recommended chemicals for termite control in buildings by IS Code 6313 (Part III).

This comprehensive treatment will be supplemented by monthly check-up visits for the first three months, thereafter once in six months during the contract period.

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