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All The Products We Use In Pest Control Services Are .

  • Approved by WHO and other Organization.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • Odourless and Harmless to infants, Childrens, Asthma patients and family members.
  • We use american technology using imported chemicals with option like Herbal Gel Treatment. Odourless spray service, and normal service etc.
  • They, Transmit deadly diseases and epidemic
  • Cause damage to property,infect,and bring sickness to home
  • Pollute the environment.

We take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as Authorized Licensed Pest Control approved from the Insecticide & Agriculture Department by the Government of Maharashtra.undertaking the following Treatments.

Termite (White ants),pre and post construction with ten years guarantee. Anti-termite treatment for building tenyears guarantee. Guaranteed treatment for Cockroaches,Woodborer,Bedbugs,Flies,Herbs,book eating silver fish,crawling

Insects like lizards,mosquitoes and rodents (rats and mice). Hospitals and laboratory pest treatment undertaken without causing danger to property or human beings. Harmless treatment available for an individualís allergy to asthma and fungus.

Guaranteed treatment for indoor and outdoor pest for the following: Flats buildings, 5/7 star Hotels,Residential Complex, Restaurants, Food processing plants, Office,Bank, Industrial Establishments, Canteens, Catering, Airlines, Libraries, Museums, Consulates etc;

Please find enclosed our lowest quotation

We would like to inform you that we specialize in the following Treatments: Anti Termite (White Ants ) Pre & Post Construction treatment, General/ Herbal Disinfestations (Cockroaches, lizards, and Ants ) Wood Borer & Beetle Nut Worm Eradication Rodent Control (rats)

The above treatments would be in different phases:

  1. Wall treatment
  2. Ceiling treatment, and
  3. Flooring treatment

Methods used are:

  1. Spraying Method
  2. Injection Method
  3. Soaking Method
  4. Flooding Method
For further discussions kindly contact us on the above nos. & we will be at your doorstep.